Get Paid to Click Online

Do you want to earn some money with zero investment? Paid per click is a great place to start. It may not earn you a living wage, but it has the potential to be a decent side earner. For one, it is easy to do and will only need you in your free time. On the other hand, you get paid instantly and withdraw it through your PayPal.

PTC is a business model based on advertising that provides clicking jobs and other work for users who get to work from home on the internet. Advertisers will pay per click advertising companies and get their ads clicked on. Users will be paid for clicks on certain things, including media and at times watching and reviewing requested pieces make money online.

Starting on Paid Per Click

It is easy to start on pay per click jobs; all you need to look for is a genuine company. There are several fake websites where you might be scammed. You can tell between the fake and the real website; the fake ones will mostly ask for some registration money, while the real ones won’t.

All you will need to do is register to the website or platform and start your clicking jobs. There are a couple of jobs listed on most websites, and you get to choose which one you want.

Most companies pay the money through a PayPal account or a Payza account. They can also send the money directly to your bank account or through a check.

How it Works

The paid-to-click business model employs people who work remotely and is mainly associated with clicking on videos and media for money. Paid to click websites come in to connect consumers and advertisers. Advertisers will pay PTC websites for a certain number of clicks on their websites or products, and the paid to click website will, in turn, pay part of this money to users who click on the advertises webpage and videos.

The paid to click model comes with a bit of similarity to the referral marketing type of business.

However, it incorporates a few other businesses as part of the PTC model, including surveys, playing games, shopping, and other simple tasks.

How Much Does It Pay?

Before you decide to start on paid to click jobs, you will need to research the best website for the job. Different websites pay differentially for work done, with the general payment level being $0.01 per click, while others will pay you as little $0.004.

You have to get to a certain point in terms of earnings for you to withdraw the money. Most companies will allow the user to withdraw money from $1, which is reflected in the account in between 1-3 days.

Paid per click, companies have been known to pay up to $10,000.

Controversies and Criticisms

There is some argument about the viability of the paid to click model where there are accusations that fraudulent clicks are ramping up advertiser expenses. There have been lawsuits filed against internet search companies, with the burden being placed on search engines to determine valid clicks from fake ones.

A Ponzi scheme company can disguise itself as a successful advertising company, masking itself as a paid click company. A great example of this is companies such as traffic Monsoon Company that was charged with being a Ponzi scheme masquerading as a PTC website.

Tips for Making Money Online

Before your online moneymaking ventures, it is best to get some tips and tricks to ensure you get your earnings and finesse your income capabilities. Some of these sites may not pay as much, but an effort on several sites can earn you a good amount.

Some of the best ideas while you work online include:

·        Don’t leave your money on the online accounts you work for

Do not confuse online job accounts with your own personal banking accounts. Plenty of accounts have gone under with the user’s money. The best way will be to withdraw the money as soon as you can and deposit into your PayPal or any accepted form of payment in your country.

·        Create a Dedicated mail Address

Set up a dedicated email address to ensure you get to see ads and job opportunities that may arise. It will help prevent any jobs from getting lost in the mail.

·        Spend your Gift Vouchers ASAP

Always take cash if you are given the option. However, if you are paid in gift cards, ensure you spend it as fast as possible. It helps prevent getting your vouchers invalidated by the retailer, plus it also prevents you from losing the voucher.

·        Don’t expect to start earning a lot at first

Some websites will take some time before they start paying you. You also have to work several jobs on the website before you start being paid.

PTC is gaining popularity fast; as long as companies want consumers to click on their products, there will always be an opportunity of earning through pay per click. Grab your opportunity and start making money through PTC.